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Indian Neighbours

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Band Members:
Francesco Esposito | Guitar, Synthesizers and Lead/ Backing Vocals
Vittorio Napoletano | Bass, Synthesizers and Lead/ Backing Vocals
Lorenzo Zannini | Drums
Mario Croce | Live Support: Piano/ Synthesizers
Indie Band formed in July of 2014 based in Rome, Italy. They have played almost 30 live concerts over the past year locally.

The name of their very first EP "24/7" is related to the date of their starting time in 2014, this EP consists of the two singles Brothers and Claire, online and available on Youtube, and a third single that is going out soon along with the EP.

They are now working on their very first full-lenght and are ready to get in the studio to make a start to the records by the end of 2017. 
Press | Booking | Management:
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