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Band Members:
Jason Sullivan - Vocals
Jarrod Newman - Drums/vox
Michael Newman - Guitar
James Griffis - Bass

Aransas Pass, Texas

Rendered Heartless hails out of Aransas Pass, TX melding a diverse assemblage of musical influences into a hard-driving melodic metal palate. The band formed in late 2015 releasing its first EP entitled “Children of the Game”, landing a top ten spot on Banks Radio Australia (Radio Indie Alliance) earlier this year. Since forming, the band has undergone internal restructuring to its line-up, as well as reshaping its dynamic while preserving the raw resolve of the band’s influences. 

Rendered Heartless is made up of Jarrod Newman (drums), Michael Newman (guitars), Jason Sullivan (vocals) and James Griffis (bass). The band has enjoyed the distinct pleasure of opening for Trapt, Avatar, Motograter and other presently touring acts. They are currently promoting their recently released album entitled “Antigen” which can be found on nearly any musical Internet outlet (iTunes, Spotify, etc…). Rendered Heartless is currently working closely in conjunction with Diminished Pitch Entertainment and M7 Agency.

The single "Children of the Game'' doubt at number #7 and "Underbelly of a Snake'' doubt at number #4 on Banks radio in Australia.

Sevendust, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen

Rendered Heartless


Rendered Heartless Media


General Manager:
Justin Morris & David De La Rosa


John Brandyberry
Diminished Pitch Entertainment

Press Contact:
John Brandyberry

Booking Agent:
Evan Michaels

M7 Agency

Contact The Band:
Call +36 1 356 5259

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