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Solstice Reign

West Palm Beach, Florida. USA

Their popularity continues to grow locally and regionally. This 5 member rock band evokes the Classic Rock sounds of the past with a new, contemporary style.

Originally formed in early 2007 by David Hietapelto Sr, Keyboardist and Lead Singer who wrote most of the songs on their debuting CD, Solstice Reign changed direction and has transformed themselves into a modern, contemporary band with music and lyrics influenced by many different genres. The rest of the band includes Jeff Short,(drums), Lou Mackey (guitar), Rich Garetano (vocals & bass) and Rick Atheras (guitar).

"Six Feet Under" is the band's first full length album released in early Nov. 2011 at the annual Deland Original Music Festival. Self-produced, this ambitious band debuted their release to accompany their two previously released music videos, "Crash" and "Wasted Time" which can be seen on YouTube.

Nominated in 2010 by the Songwriter's Showcases of America (SSA) for Band Of The Year, Song Of The Year (Back Roads) and Songwriter Of The Year (David Hietapelto), they reached the top 10 Finalists in all three categories. In 2011 the band was also nominated again for Band Of The Year, reaching the top 10 Finalist once again and another single from the album, "Live Together" was nominated for 2011 Song Of The Year by the SSA as well.

All Solstice Reign Promotional posters by: Artist Suzanne Newton Short

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