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Gone Dead Train

The Name:
'Gone Dead Train' is the title of one of the songs featured in the soundtrack to the film 'Performance' directed by Nick Roeg. Ry Cooder revealed his slide guitar technique for the first time on this great album.

Tony English. He's played and sung in several bands notably 'The Unsound' an alternative rock combo signed and distributed by 'Night and Day'.


Bruno Faderne is French - also once a member of 'The Unsound' ...he composed all the music on the album 'Just Drive'

John Bentley is English - long term member of top UK band 'Squeeze'. he produced and played and sung on the album 'Running outa Beatles' and he does all the backing vocals on their album 'Just Drive'

Gone Dead Train has made 3 albums since 2013 featuring John Bentley on production, bass guitar and backing vocals and members of Eurythmics and Van Morrison 's touring band on piano and saxophone . Martin Winning (from Van Morrison's band on Sax) and Sam Flynn ( Eurythmics piano player on the 'Peace Tour' on piano ). Gone Dead Train has a new album coming out soon! Keep your on their social media for a release date (mid. 2017).




 Tel: 05 63 66 15 34

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+33 5 63 66 15 34

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