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Well received and popular with local, regional and increasingly through the power of the interwebs, international fans. Solstice Reign play a lot of live gigs, sign up for their facebook page or pop over to reverbnation for where you can catch them next!
Evenspeak have been evolving, check out the incredible "Better Way" on their facebook page Evenspeak MusicPage
A band influenced by each band members preferences from Elvis to the symphonic rock of Dream Theatre, Evenspeak has created a unique and very listenable sound all their own
The JD Edwards Band is a 6 piece Winnipeg based group Together since 2006,  group is driven by the uniquely infectious, engaging and heartfelt songwriting of the super talented leader JD Edwards. Each of his songs is crafted to grab your attention and keep it!

You can fastforward within a show, but not rewind backwards.


Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service and has agreements with various collecting societies around the world. Royalties are paid to collecting societies, who in turn pay out to the appropriate labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals.

As music lovers ourselves, we understand that this may be frustrating at times, and we hope that in the future the rules will evolve to be more open to new types of services like Mixcloud

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