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Terry McDermott – Vocals
Peter Klett – Guitars
Island Styles – Guitars
Ehssan Karimi – Drums
Mark Mattrey – Bass

Lotus Crush is a modern day indie version of an old school rock’n’roll band. Thoughtful lyrics,
harmonies and melodic clean guitars of each song build into an unshakable refrain every time.
Punctuated by Terry’s road tested and pitch perfect booming sweet vocals and Peter’s
impressive guitar lead, the happy rhythm section that bonds them all together is always ready
to entertain a crowd.

With members living all over continental USA from Seattle, WA to Washington DC, New Orleans,
LA, and Tampa, FL. With the voice of the band hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, the band came
together as Lotus Crush to make their first studio album in 2009 but then literally didn’t see
each other for another five years until outside forces brought them back together again! It was
a phone call from Scott McKinley, who had once photographed Lotus Crush all those years
before, and now had become the head of CaviGold Records, that changed everything. "Scott
had gone off and built an empire," Terry McDermott explained. "He had become a partner in
Robert Lang Studios, which Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters, a lot of records were made in
this grand old lady of a studio." McKinley asked the members of Lotus Crush if they would play
a special event in April. "We hadn't really come back together, but they brought us together for
that one show and I think we all sat in a room and looked at each other and said 'We should be 
doing this,'" Terry said. "And almost exactly on cue, Scott stepped into the room and said “This
was all a ruse. CaviGold wants to sign Lotus Crush and we want to do an album.”

But how exactly does a band come back together five years after their first record? And how do
they continue to make great music after so long apart? Getting to this point has been a journey
for the band, which consisted of Terry McDermott and Candlebox members Peter Klett and
Scott Mercado. After they released the first Lotus Crush album in 2009 they never formally split,
they just had the enviable problem of being too productive, but as individuals. So Terry finished
as runner up with Season three of The Voice on NBC and Peter Klett finished up with
Candlebox, and they reunited Lotus Crush for their second album, Rabbit Hole. The band says
“We wanted to write songs that encompass our view of the world we live in. It can be a fairly
oppressive place, and it’s a difficult landscape for a kid to grow up in or a man or a woman to
live in. We’re pushed and pulled in all different directions by media, politics and an ever bleaker
looking future.
There’s a perpetual conveyer belt of elements trying to get into our heads for
attention. It’s a battle for our hearts and minds. That’s what the first single is titled”.
The name Lotus Crush originated from reading about lotus eaters in Greek mythology. The
lotus eaters were a race of people from an island near North Africa dominated by lotus plants….
They would eat the lotus flower and enter a perpetual state of dreaming, a Zen-like bliss. This
was a suitable analogy of their music. The word crush means (among other definitions) a great
crowd: a crush of people. The two words came together perfectly to represent the band’s
approach towards their music.

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