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THE WEIGHT takes you on a magic trip back to the golden years of...

...ROCK n ROLL in its finest and purest form.

Filthy hard and bluesy guitar riffs, heavy bass, massive drums and a vocal force of nature rarely to be heard these days and age.

Without a doubt THE WEIGHT are  a psychedelic rock avalanche on their one and only mission: tuning in, breaking out and leaving you no chance of escaping!

Whoever has the pleasure of immersing into the sound of THE WEIGHT either gets hooked on a driving and seductive groove machine or gets taken by storm a with thundering roar of HEAVY RHYTHM & ROLL!

Band Members
Tobias Jussel- VOCALS & ORGAN
Michael Böbel- GUITAR
Andreas Vetter - DRUMS
Patrick Moosbrugger - BASS

Vienna, Austria

Record Label
Heavy Rhythm & Roll Records

Heavy Rhythm and Roll
Vienna 70's inspired Rockband THE WEIGHT

General Manager

Booking Agent


Tour Dates

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February 2018 MiX Artist of the Month Winner
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